has opened their vault

So Jonah Keri of Grantland alerted the masses to this information earlier today: has finally opened their vault and you can view a ton of old clips online. Keri focused on the league, I chose to focus on our New York Yankees. Enjoy!

Pat Kelly helps the 1995 Yankees make the playoffs:

The 1998 Yankees win their 114th game:

This isn't a happy one but I'm posting it because I was at this game. May 28, 2000: Trot Nixon breaks a scoreless tie. It was a Pedro vs. Clemens game. The Yanks lost.

Back to 1998, when the Yankees had to play in Shea because the old Stadium was leaking sections of concrete. Darryl Strawberry hits a home run in Shea with the Yankees as the home team:

I've been lucky in my life and have been able to attend a lot of great games. Here's another one: Alfonso Soriano gives the Yankees a 3-1 series lead in the 2001 ALCS:

And the last one. Lou Piniella nearly loses a ball in the sun on October 2, 1978. Come on, posting the Bucky Dent home run would be too easy:

As Mr Keri says at the end of his piece, "Seriously, just quit your job and leave your spouse now, save yourself the trouble later." You can blame him for the hours you spend looking at classic MLB clips (don't blame me.)