Mariano Rivera throws BP and everyone in Yankeeland rejoices

Mariano Rivera threw a round of batting practice to real, live batters and made it out with no issues. Wally Matthews of ESPN NY reports that Rivera threw 20 pitches to two hitters and that he is excited to be back.

That's good news for Yankee fans who suffered through most of the 2012 season without seeing Rivera on the mound after he suffered a nearly career-ending injury in May while shagging fly balls in Kansas City.

Rivera, who usually doesn't begin to pitch in Spring Training games until the latter stages of training camp, will more than likely appear earlier this year because of his lack of activity since having his knee surgically repaired last year.

And how was his "stuff?" Rivera said, "It will get better. As long as I keep throwing, it will get better." Rivera also spoke about his fielding. He was more anxious to see how his knee responds to his fielding balls than how it does when he's on the mound.

My favorite quote from the story is so Mariano Rivera. He said, "My command, I don't worry about. That's one thing I never worry about. It didn't take no vacation. It's still there. It hasn't gone nowhere."

Mo's motto, which he first said on the Kids on Deck back in 2005, is, "I get the ball, I throw the ball, and then I take a shower."

It'll be great to have him back.