UPDATED: A switch in the outfield

According to reports from Tampa, Curtis Granderson is going to start taking flyballs in left field which means Brett Gardner will be shifted into centerfield. This move is a no brainer for the Yankees. Gardner is one of the better defensive outfielders in baseball and with his speed, he can cover a lot of ground. And talk of this move has been happening since before training camp even started. Truthfully, it probably would have been made if Gardner hadn't had been injured so early in the season last year.

Gardner, who only played in 16 games during the 2012 regular season - nine before the injury and seven during his late season return from surgery - would be the primary centerfielder for the first time in his Yankee career if this actually comes to fruition. Gardner shared centerfield duties with Melky Cabrera in 2009.

UPDATE: Girardi was quoted on the possible Granderson/Gardner switch. He said, "We're going to toy with it and see if we like it." He added, "If we do, we'll stay with it."

Hopefully, they like it.