Dreaming of Baseball

I'm a frequent dreamer and I am able to recall my dreams in great detail. They're usually in color and they're usually pretty realistic. Occasionally, I'll have an odd dream or two and they tend to be about space colonization. A few weeks ago I had a dream where shuttles to Venus were the norm - I know, I probably shouldn't eat or drink too close to bedtime. But other than that, I dream of being with friends and family and I dream of familiar places. I sometimes overhear (or notice on social media) people talking about dreams involving baseball trades and signings. Sometimes, they dream of games that never happened or they dream of games that did happen but are altered in their dreamscape. Every once in a while, these dreams are hilariously unrealistic. For example: The person's team will be made up of every available All-Star caliber player or they'll sign someone for a zillion dollars. Or in some cases, people's dreams revolve around actual rumors floating around baseball. I guess if you hear about something so much, you dream about it.

For the record, my most recent baseball dream was pretty odd and it didn't involve any current players, any games, or trades. Actually, it didn't involve the present at all. I had traveled back in time and was in my old neighborhood of Inwood in Upper Manhattan, New York. From what people were wearing, it appeared to be some time the late 1950's. Even more odd than the time travel aspect of it, the dream itself was in black and white, as if I were in an old movie. I happened to be in the apartment building where I had lived from 2002-2006 but more importantly where my grandparents lived from the 1960s until 2002. There was a man in the building selling baseball memorabilia and I went with my great Uncle Jimmy to this man's apartment to look at baseball cards, gloves, and caps. As they were looking at the items, I was trying to explain to them who I was and where I was from. I said, "No, I'm from 2013. I'm your great niece. I'm Diane's daughter."  Of course, they didn't believe me. My great Uncle laughed at my story because my mom would have been 11 or 12 at the time, so he continued to look at the items, which were laid out on a fold up table. I picked up a wooden box and was about to open it to see what was inside when my dream was cut short by a hungry, meowing cat who wanted to be fed. I was frustrated because I wanted to know what was in the box and because of that, I couldn't get the dream out of my head the rest of the day.

So my question to you is: What's the strangest dream you've had about baseball? Was it about an unrealistic trade? Were you playing baseball yourself? Was it about a game that happened in the past? Please leave your answers in the comments. I'm curious to see how other people's minds work.