And now the boredom sets in

This morning, as I was looking around the internet for things to read in order to write something substantial about the Yankees, I noticed that Chad Jennings of the Lohud Yankees Blog is feeling the same way I am right now. In his post titled, "We need some games around here," Mr. Jennings says everything I wanted to say about Spring Training.

Derek Jeter is still in rehab mode. Michael Pineda is throwing a few fastballs every now and then. Alex Rodriguez is nowhere to be found. Joba Chamberlain’s ankle and elbow both seem to be working just fine. Robinson Cano isn’t a free agent yet. Ichiro Suzuki isn’t a new guy anymore, and honestly, neither is Kevin Youkilis at this point. There’s really only so much Joe Girardi can say on a day to day basis that we don’t already know.

I agree with him completely. While it's great that teams have reported to camp and that guys are working out, we really do need some games to be played. The boredom is setting in because there's only so much batting practice, fielding practice and bullpen sessions you can write about and try to turn into compelling stories.

Thankfully for all of us, "some games" are starting this weekend. The Yankees are playing in their first Spring Training game on Saturday but their first televised game is on Sunday against the Blue Jays and I'm really looking forward to it even though it doesn't count for much.

I want to see balls and strikes, hits and runs, sunny skies and green grass. I really just want to see live baseball again.

My hope for this weekend is that the players stay healthy, that the guys fighting for the chance to be on the big league club will get to show off their skills - if they, in fact, have any - and that the weather is pleasant so we can live vicariously through them while we freeze our buns off up North.