Will 2013 be Mariano Rivera's last season?

So it seems Mariano Rivera has come to a decision about 2013 and whether it will be his last season in the Majors, he's just not telling anyone yet. From Eric Boland of Newsday:

Rivera said he will announce his decision regarding next year before the start of the regular season.

Call it a hunch but if Mo saw himself pitching past 2013, he wouldn't make his decision before the season. He's been talking about the end of his career for so long that if he hadn't gotten injured last season, I think we would have been dealing with our first post-Mo season in 2013. In some ways, the injury he suffered last year has been a blessing in disguise because we now get one more year with Mo in the bullpen.

Also, Rivera would be smart to make the announcement before the start of the season so he can give other teams time to plan their "Farewell Mariano Rivera" ceremonies.

I wonder what he'll get. Chipper Jones got some interesting gifts last year from various teams and I was there when the Yankees - more specifically Derek Jeter and Andruw Jones - presented him with a used third base from the Stadium.

I also happened to be at Cal Ripken Jr.'s last game at Yankee Stadium in 2001. The Yankees had a whole ceremony for him. Will Mo's career achievements merit that kind of treatment from other American League East teams? Only time will tell.