UPDATED: And the Biogenesis investigation got more interesting

A short while ago a report by Yahoo Sports revealed that Ryan Braun was listed in the records of the Miami-area clinic that Alex Rodriguez has been linked to. But that's not the interesting part, Braun's already been connected to PEDs in the past and in this instance his name wasn't listed next to any drug names. No, the interesting part of the report is the very familiar name in the following blurb that makes this story even more bizarre.

Braun is on a list that includes Alex Rodriguez, Melky Cabrera and Cesar Carrillo, who the New Times reported received PEDs from Bosch. Also on the list are New York Yankees catcher Francisco Cervelli and Baltimore Orioles third baseman Danny Valencia, who weren't listed near PEDs either. The record matches a document the New Times posted with Braun's name redacted and Cervelli and Valencia's cut off.

Yes, that's right, Francisco Cervelli is now part of this still unfolding story.

Cervelli is one of the players expected to be fighting for the starting catching job in Spring Training. He was in Triple A last year and how this revelation impacts his standing with the team remains to be seen.

UPDATE: Francisco Cervelli issued a statement.

"Following my foot injury in march, 2011, i consulted with a number of experts, including biogenesis clinic, for legal ways to aid my rehab and recovery. i purchased supplements that i am certain were not prohibited by MLB.''

The lowercase i's are his, not mine.