Mark Teixeira admits he's overpaid

Dan Barbarisi of the Wall Street Journal wrote a very interesting article on Mark Teixeira in which Tex admits he's on the downside of his career and that he is, in fact, overpaid. They all are according to Teixeira and what he says makes sense.

"I have no problem with anybody in New York, any fan, saying you're overpaid. Because I am," Teixeira said. "We all are."

"Agents are probably going to hate me for saying it," he continued. "You're not very valuable when you're making $20 million. When you're Mike Trout, making the minimum, you are crazy valuable. My first six years, before I was a free agent, I was very valuable. But there's nothing you can do that can justify a $20 million contract."

Teixeira also talks about the differences between being a player in his prime and being a player on the "downside" of his career. Once he passed 30 (he turns 33 this season) his workouts started taking a toll on his body and nagging injuries were piling up, especially last season. Teixeira only played in 123 games in 2012. He had played in no less than 156 his first three seasons in Pinstripes.

He's also been on a steady decline since he's M.V.P caliber 2009 season. And for players like Teixeira, going from being a .280 - .290 hitter with power to a .250 - .260 power hitter - because there is a difference - is a bit of an adjustment. Teixeira even tried tinkering with his swing before the 2012 season to try and get back to how he played in his age 29 season. It didn't work.

Now, in 2013, Teixeira has accepted himself for what he is. "I want to be the player who hits home runs, drives in runs ... I'd love to get back to the player that I've always been, but if I hit .250, .260, instead of .280, so be it."