A-Rod is not Bagwell

I've got something of a reputation for defending guys accused of using steroids, especially when the accusers are overtly indifferent to quaint concepts like "proof," but I'm gonna have to get off the boat here:

Ryan Braun never had a chance. He was guilty in the eyes of the public from the moment his positive test for synthetic testosterone was leaked. Alex Rodriguez is guilty of everything the Miami New Times report says he is – guilty, that is, if you listen to what the public has already decided about the situation. Jeff Bagwell is guilty too, just because.

Slow your roll a little bit. Ryan Braun's sample was improperly handled so, officially, the positive test result never happened. As such, there's technically no evidence at all that he broke any rules. The case against Bagwell, such as it is, is that he played during the steroid era and had big muscles. This, tp put it mildly, is no evidence of any kind, circumstantial or otherwise. The problem with accusing these guys is that it's all done based upon suspicion, with no real evidence backing it up.

Say what you will about some of the dumb responses various columnists have pumped out over this news, but there's no question that there is at least evidence that A-Rod has been juicing. An actual newspaper reviewed hundreds of documents detailing the sale of banned substances to A-Rod and others by a clinic operator who is being investigated by the federal government. It's true that those documents could be fabricated, but that's a pretty wild assumption that shouldn't be given the benefit of the doubt.