Hairston gets his two-year deal

So much for being in a New York state of mind. After being linked primarily to the Yankees and Mets for pretty much the duration of the winter, Scott Hairston has agreed to a two year contract with the Chicago Cubs, as reported by Ken Rosenthal. Hairston was the Yankees' primary target for the role of right-handed hitting fourth outfielder, but it doesn't appear as though the two sides were ever necessarily close, as Hairston reportedly held out for a multi-year deal and more playing time. He'll get both of them with the woeful Cubs, though I can't say I understand their logic here at all. Hairston won't help them win many more games, and though there's something to be said for a professional franchise to keep trying to sell tickets rather than just bottoming out before the roster is competitive again, I don't know how for towards that goal Hairston gets them either. Either way, he's off the market now, and barring some really unforeseen development, the Yankees will likely select their fourth outfielder from a competition between Matt Diaz, Russ Canzler, and whomever else they can wrangle up for a song.