Derek Jeter on MLB Tonight

Derek Jeter sat down with Harold Reynolds of MLB Network for to talk about his injured ankle, the Yankees, and the picture in the New York Post that made it appear as though Jeter had been packing on the pounds while on the shelf: Some choice quotes from The Captain:

On preparing for the season after surgery:

“My target’s the season. My target’s always the season. Spring Training is so long. You start playing games. You don’t play all the games to begin with. You start playing a little bit more towards the end of Spring. I haven’t talked to our trainers. I don’t know what my schedule is like, but I’ll be ready for the regular season.”

On the Yankees' lack of impact acquisitions in the offseason:

“I like when we bring teams back. We were pretty successful in the regular season last year. We won the most games in the American League last year, which didn’t translate into the playoffs, but we had a good team and we have an opportunity to bring a lot of guys back. We’re going to lose a few important parts of our team, but a lot of the guys are back and I’m always excited at this time of year.”

On his future in baseball:

“I never have, ever in my career, sat around and thought about years from now. I always focus on one particular year and, right now, I’m focused on 2013. I’m rehabbing my ankle, getting ready for Opening Day. I can’t sit here and tell you. I take it one year at a time.”

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