A-Rod's surgery was successful

The Yankees announced that Alex Rodriguez is out of surgery, it was successful and that there were no complications. It was performed today at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York. His doctor, Dr. Bryan Kelly had said before the surgery took place:

“I like to tell people six months is a reasonable time frame for return to play when we’re doing the procedure we’re discussing with a bone correction. Optimistically speaking, what we’re hoping for is for him to be able to return after the All-Star break.”

The plan during today's surgery was to to assess the damage that was done to his hip: he suffered a torn labrum, had a bone impingement and there was a cyst.

In other words, he was a mess during the playoffs and no one knew it. So with all of the things that were wrong with Alex's hip, it's positive news that they found and repaired everything they needed to during the surgery and that, so far, there aren't any surprises.

Dr. Kelly had explained A-Rod's rehab process in a conference call with reporters when plans for the surgery were announced:

1. Healing phase: Lasts about six weeks. Only range of motion exercises. 2. Early strengthening phase: Could take another six weeks or so for tissue to fully heal, and during that time they’ll be protective. 3. Strengthening phase: Roughly three months after the surgery, Rodriguez can begin strengthening in an “aggressive fashion.” 4. Endurance phase: After Rodriguez builds enough strength to do regular workouts, he’ll then be able to train for athletic strength and endurance. 5. Coordination phase: This is the last part of Rodriguez’s rehab, which Dr. Kelly described as “the functional return to sport."

So it looks like after the All-Star break is realistic for Rodriguez's return, barring any unforeseen setbacks.