Pinstripe Bible's New Project: Ranking the Top-100 Yankees of All Time

This one is pretty ambitious. The Pinstripe Bible is going to try and rank the top-100 Yankees of all time, and they want input from Yankee fans:

We will be commencing the project with #100 sometime soon. If you want to submit your list of the top 100 Yankees and help make your imprint on this Pinstriped Bible project, please e-mail it to me at

Take these guidelines into consideration:

  • If you're a PB member, feel free to add in your username so we can list you as a contributor.
  • We are only ranking players--no managers or executives.
  • If you think making a list of 100 is too much for you, you can submit a list of your top 50 or 75 instead, and it will also be counted.
  • We're not going to accept lists of fewer than 50 Yankees since we want some good thought behind it and due diligence given to those Yankees that might not always pop in your head when thinking of the greatest players.
  • Please do not submit your top 100 in the comments section for this thread. I will copy it down and include it when I get a chance to view it, but I will then promptly delete the comment so that other list-makers will not be influenced. Plus, it will just make it easier for me if I can track them via e-mail.
  • You can make submissions until 11:59 PM on Wednesday, January 16th.

I think that this could be a fun project for the community to do together. Make your voice heard!

We might be trying to pull together a TYA bloggers list, but its a pretty gigantic undertaking to pull off in just two days. Pulling together a top 10 or 20 is pretty easy--even though we're internally already disagreeing on whether or not Derek Jeter should be in the top-5--but decisions don't get easier as you work your way down the list. How do you judge the difference between Jimmy Williams and Hideki Matsui? Roger Clemens and Wade Boggs?  Paul O'Neil and Bobby Murcer?

Still, its a pretty cool exercise, and we can't wait to see what Pinstripe Bible comes up with. If anyone wants to take a stab at it, definitely post it in the comments section here. We're all interested to see people's lists.