Swisher's divorce from the Yankees is complete

Nick Swisher was formally introduced as a member of the Cleveland Indians a little while ago - it was broadcast on MLB Network. In his press conference, he declared Cleveland to be the place, "Where we were going to be wanted and where we were going to be loved." Oh, really?

He, of course, added that he had a blast in New York and loved the fans in right field.

Nice save, Swish!

It will be interesting to see the reception Swisher receives in his first trip back to the Stadium. Will Yankee fans remember him for the four years of above average performance in the regular season or will they still have the bad taste in their mouths from his final playoff appearance?

Personally, I'd stand and applaud him in his first at bat back in New York. I enjoyed watching Swisher during his time in pinstripes and will miss his zany antics.