Great moments in self-awareness

Shorter Verbatim Blogger Murray Chass (after declaring that his heart belongs to Jack Morris, and decrying these whipper-snapper stat geeks and using this newfangled "ERA formula" to dare insist that Morris doesn't deserve enshrinement on the basis of one game):

For some reason, the news media have not talked about the former catcher and steroids the way they have talked about Bonds, Clemens and Sosa. When I worked for The New York Times, I tried more than once to write about Piazza and steroids, but the baseball editor said I couldn’t because his name hadn’t been linked to steroids.

I can link his name to steroids, I countered, but I had to wait until I started this Web site to talk about Piazza’s acne-covered back, a generally accepted telltale sign of steroids use.

Some things simply require no added commentary.