Christmas Open Thread

Nearly four-years ago to the day, I left for work knowing that the Red Sox were to acquire one of the best first baseman in baseball. I was content with the fact that the Yankees dropped out of contract talks with Mark Teixeira. Cashman already brought in a high potential first baseman, Nick Swisher, and signed the two top starting pitcher free agents, CC Sabathia and AJ Burnett. In 2008, I didn't have a smartphone, so forget the idea of alerts from MLB Trade Rumors, and it made the situation all that more special. A co-worked walked in a couple hours after me with a later shift and asked me if I had heard about Mark Teixeira's signing. I explained how disappointed I was that he'd be going to the Red Sox, but that the Yankees should be fine with Nick Swisher. Then he told me just how wrong I was.

Teixeira agreed to terms with the Yankees on December 23rd. It was one of the best Christmas presents Yankee fans could ask for, and he helped lead them to their game 6 World Series win over the Phillies in 2009.

TYA will be off from posting until Wednesday, celebrating the holidays with our families, that is unless Cashman brings us another Christmas gift. For now, use this as an open thread. Merry Christmas!