Happy Holidays from IIATMS

Well, the world hasn't ended yet, so I guess we can just about safely assume that the coming holidays will go off as planned. For most of us, that means two things: a) in-laws, and b) a lull in the Hot Stove season. Not that there's any rule against making moves during the Christmas-New Year's week, but in general pretty much nothing meaningful happens in this period, as front office officials, agents, and pretty much everyone else takes the time off to enjoy the season and all that. This year is likely to be much of the same, especially since there aren't very many interesting free agents left on the market to sign. The downside for us is that less news means less things to write about, so things will probably be pretty slow around here as well. Not non-existent by any means, just a bit more sporadic. Unless something noteworthy happens (like, oh I don't know, the Giants getting knocked out of playoff contention on Sunday) I don't plan on posting anything between now and Wednesday, as I instead dedicate myself to cleaning the house and pawning off gift wrapping spending time with the family. So let me take a second to wish you a very Merry Christmas, a belated Happy Hanukkah, or just a sincere hope that, whatever holiday you celebrate, it finds you in good health and good cheer.