Yankees Sign Ichiro Suzuki

Finally. The Yankees have finished wrapping up their contract with outfielder Ichiro Suzuki. The deal is exactly what we thought it was, 2 years and $13 million. Once his physical is completed, Ichiro Suzuki should be the new right fielder for the New York Yankees.

Ichiro hit .322/.340/.454 in his time with the Yankees last season, and I wrote a bit about how we can project him for 2013. Though I think it's good to be optimistic about Ichrio successfully replacing Nick Swisher next season, I agree with Brad's recent post about 2 years being too much.

The Yankees now have 3 left handed outfielders, one of which is 39, and another one that missed almost all of last season. The current backup outfielder is Chris Dickerson, another left handed batter, so you can expect the Yankees to obtain a right handed corner outfielder. You can also expect the team to target a left handed infielder to back up Kevin Youkilis and Derek Jeter when the team faces a right handed pitcher.