What's next? What's left to do?

Though they haven't exactly filled the back pages along the way, the Yankees have very methodically gone about keeping some very key players this year, plus signing Kevin Youkilis to replace the injured Alex Rodriguez. A lot of people seem to be waiting for the next big move, however, this year's equivalent to the trades that brought Curtis Granderson and Michael Pineda to town and seemingly came out of nowhere. While I won't say that nothing like that will happen this year (though I don't expect to see it happen), I will note that one impediment to such a move is the simple fact that the Yankees don't have that many open spots on the roster right now. For the sake of illustration, here's a rundown of the players the Yankees currently have who would seem to be a lock for the 25 man roster.

Starting pitchers

C.C. Sabathia Hiroki Kuroda Andy Pettitte Phil Hughes Ivan Nova/David Phelps


Mariano Rivera David Robertson Joba Chamberlain David Aardsma Boone Logan Clay Rapada


Francisco Cervelli Chris Stewart


Mark Teixeira Robinson Cano Derek Jeter Kevin Youkilis


Brett Gardner Ichiro Suzuki Curtis Granderson

There's a little bit of wiggle room here around the margins (Phelps or Nova could go to Triple-A, different relievers could enter the picture), but the overall picture is pretty much the same either way. The Yankees could maybe use a little bit of depth to the starting rotation, and the catching situation is what it is, but for the most part the core of the team is set. There are 12 pitchers on this list, and every starting position in the field is filled as well, with 21 spots taken. Basically the only thing that's left to do is fill a bench, and find a DH. We know the Yankees want to get a right-handed hitting outfielder, so that in addition to a DH gets us to 23 players, with just the backup infielder spots unfilled.

None of this precludes any additional moves this winter, of course, especially if the Yankees are willing to consider trading players who are already in this picture, but it does mean that the team has the bulk of an Opening Day roster filled out. And given the way they've gone about business so far this offseason, I think it's a better bet than not that we won't see any major changes to this landscape.