Signs of the Yankees apocalypse

It's December 2012 and according to some, the world may be coming to an end soon. (I don't believe in any of that hooey but bare with me for a moment.) And the signs of the acopalypse are as follows:

  • wars on a global scale
  • famine
  • pestilence (sickness and disease)
  • lawlessness (crime)
  • people having no love for one another
  • earthquakes
  • Brian Cashman saying, "Beggars can't be choosers." in regards to the Yankees' free agent choices.

This conservative, budget-conscious front office is no fun. I miss the carefree days of old - you know, the previous 100 years of Yankee history. The Yankees are beggars? With a $189M budget for 2014? STOP THE INSANITY.

Some more items from the Winter Meetings:

  • The Yankees have spoken to representatives for Kevin Youkilis and A.J. Pierzynski; and Ichiro Suzuki, Eric Chavez and Raul Ibanez though no deals are imminent, at least not at the moment.
  • Cashman is still telling people that the Yankees' catcher for 2013 could still come from within - meaning it could be Francisco Cervelli, Chris Stewart or Austin Romine.
  • Joe Girardi spoke to the media and wasn't able to say much about anything pertaining to the 2013 roster because it's still up in the air but he did say, "Our vision and our goal is to win the World Series every year."

And just as I was about to press "Publish" a Ken Rosenthal tweet flashed across my laptop screen:

Source: #Phillies#Mets#Yankees remain in mix for Scott Hairston.

I guess the Yankees will still be in the mix for a lot of guys like Hairston.