Soto re-signs with Texas

Last night, Stacey and I briefly discuss the recently non-tendered Geovany Soto as a possible catching option for the Yankees. You can forget that, however, as not long after it was announced that Soto had agreed to a one year deal to remain in Texas at a lower salary than he would have gotten through arbitration. Truth be told, Soto was a pretty underwhelming possibility anyway. He hit .196/.253/.338 after being traded to Texas last season, and wasn't much better in the N.L. Both Stacey and I gave the possibility of him being the Yankees' Opening Day starter a tepid endorsement at best, with the most positive thing either of us could find to say about him being that he's probably better than anyone the Bombers have on the roster right now. He does at least have a history of being pretty capable with the bat, and as recently as 2010 he hit 280/.393/.497. He's off of the table now, however, and even though it isn't a huge missed opportunity by any means, it probably leaves the Yankees with a choice between going with in-house options for the job, or trying to pry a catcher away from another team in a trade.