2013 Yankee Analysts Hall of Fame Voting

Right now, a lot of BBWAA members are looking over their Hall of Fame ballots, and deciding who to vote for. With only 10 spots on the ballots for votes, the results this year are certainly going to be interesting. A lot of deserving players will fail to clear the bar, and the Veteran's Committee will be watching. We don't have votes, but if we did, below are how your TYA bloggers would vote for the Hall of Fame.

The results are pretty homogeneous, for good reason. We are all of similar mindsets, and have similar epistemological approaches about baseball. I included some interesting names that did not garner votes on  the bottom.

Who would you vote for? Were we dead wrong about any of the candidates? Who do you expect the BBWAA writers to vote for? Let's hear it.