Yankees Tweet of the Day: New York Sports Tours

New York Sports Tours - Initial Reaction (A+)

Yesterday, I had the great pleasure to participate in a comprehensive tour of Manhattan through New York Sports Tours.  (I will post a detailed review of this fantastic experience within the next few days.)

My initial reaction of the entire experience can be summed up in one word - "Wow!"  Everything was first-rate.  The quality of the program was tremendous.  Every sport is discussed on the tour - not just baseball, football, basketball, and hockey.  The tour also explains how sports plays a role in the history of New York - and the USA.  Every participant on the tour learned new things.  It was a shared experience, full of information, learning, and fun.  

The dinner at Keens at the conclusion of the tour was a particular highlight.  Yesterday, we had the joy of spending time and conversing with long-time Yankees publicity director and author Marty Appel.  What a highlight!

This is a venture in which every New York sports fan should participate.  New York Sports Tours is a must-see experience in the city.  It earns an A+.  

More to come...

Brooks, Yaz, and Carlton Fisk

Brooks, Yaz, and Carlton Fisk

Today is National Baseball Card Day.  I figured it was a great day to re-publish this story.  This was originally published on my personal blog (www.drpaulsem.com) and it is found in my book of essays titled Impossible is an Illusion.

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Exclusive Interview - Jordan Sprechman of New York Sports Tours!

One of the great new experiences in New York City for sports fans is a venture known as New York Sports Tours.  Described on their web page as, "An Intimate, Guided, Multimedia Story Ride to Dozens of Manhattan Locations from Sports History Followed by Lunch or Dinner with a New York Sports Personality at Legendary Keens Steakhouse," this experience is taking the city by storm.  The program and experience came to fruition in 2018 and has become one of New York's best new experiences.  

Recently, I had the great fortune of talking with Mr. Jordan Sprechman who is the founder of this great new enterprise…

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